Lamination is a technology that combines different materials (cardboard, paper, film) and their performance (rigidity, printability, barrier effects)

Quality et economy

This technology allows the production of economical products with functional and aesthetic performances, qualifying it for a wide variety of applications.

Performances results

Laminated products combine the performance results of various different components:

  • Films :

    uitability for food contact, barrier to migrations, resistance to humidity (impermeability), glossiness, printability, suitability for metallisation and highly reduced thickness, to which are added the qualities of the various polymers (PP, PET and PE).

  • Cardboards :

    thickness, rigidity, a material produced from recycling, absorbing power, recyclability, pliability.

  • Papers :

    variety of thin supports (Kraft, Matte), suitability for food contact, printability.

These three main materials can be laminated with each other using water-based glues.


European leader in the upper segments of printed boards for food contactability, CGF provides most of the main French brands and several other European countries. Its products are present in all today’s major mass market distribution chains.


Innovation is the driving force for CGF’s development, whether in the continuous improvement of manufacturing processes or in the design of new solutions adapted to its customers’ requirements.

A “green”  company

Using recycled cardboard as well as water-based glues and inks, CGF offers outstanding performance in terms of ecological balance. Its waste is recycled or recovered at 95%.

Autonomy and endurance

CGF is a totally independent family business (3rd generation). The extraordinary loyalty of its customers, its strategy of technical innovation as well as the high competence of its employees are the best guarantee of its durability.